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Certificate of origin

  • VCCI is officially authorised by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) in respect of goods exported from India. Certificate Of Origin are integral & required for any business involved with import and exports.

Attestation of Documents

  • VCCI attests Export Documents like Invoices, Packing List, Declaration, GMP Certificate, Product Certificate & Agency Agreements etc.. as required by the applicant for facilitating their trade activities.

Visa Recommendation

VCCI issues visa recommendation letters to representatives of Member organisations wishing to travel overseas for business related promotion, meetings or activities.

The firms desirous of obtaining recommendation letters for issue of visa are requested to furnish the following documents to VCCI at the time of applying:

  • Request letter addressed to VCCI, on the Company’s letterhead
  • Photocopy of the passport of the person applying for the visa.
  • Photocopy of the invitation letter received from the country to be visited.

Mass Mailing

  • VCCI offers Mass Mailing Services at an absolute nominal cost to its Members

Venue Booking

  • VCCI offers facilities for members and non-members to organize business meetings, programs, seminars and training sessions.


Certificate of origin



Certificate of origin

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